Friday, February 13, 2009

Tiktaalik - Ichthys - miigis - radiant/iridescent beings

Tiktaalik is similar to the Ichthyostega. Ichthys or Ichthus (Greek: ἰχθύς, capitalized ΙΧΘΥΣ or ΙΧΘΥC) is the ancient and classical Greek word for “fish.” So we have all decended from the Tiktaalik. We will be finding what came before that also in Canada. Read some of the Annishinabek myths.
First Peoples of Canada:
The definition of the term “Anishnaabeg” is First- or Original-Peoples. Another possible definition refers to “the good humans”, or good people, that are on the right road/path given to them by the Creator or gitchi-manitou (Anishinaabeg term for God).
There are many oral traditions throughout the Anishinaabeg themselves in regards to creationist stories. One example of which lies in the story of the seven “miigis.” According to the oral history, seven great miigis (radiant/iridescent beings in human) form appeared to the Anishinaabe peoples in the Waabanakiing (Land of the Dawn, i.e. Eastern Land) to teach the peoples of the mide way of life. But there was one great miigis that was too spiritually powerful and would kill people in the Waabanakiing whenever they were in its presence. This being would later return to the depths of the ocean leaving the six great miigis left to teach the people….. radiant/iridescent=nachash in Hebrew. The Shiny One. Similar to Tiamat (sumeria)

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