Friday, February 13, 2009

Ojibwe story of Creation and the The Seven Fire Prophecy.

Way-nah-boo-zhoo held up his hands to make them stop making such a noise and said, “You have all puffed yourselves so full of air to make everyone think you are great. Because of this you could not swim to the bottom of the waters. In a new earth you must remember that you are all connected. Not one of you is more important than another. You must learn to love, honor, and respect each other in the circle of life. Each of you has some energy to share with the others of the circle. And the circle finds a way for each to make a contribution. These are the Original Instructions that you have forgotten. Perhaps Wazhusk, the muskrat, can do what all of you wish. Would you be happy to live on the new earth if the muskrat brought the first mud from the bottom of the waters?”
“The Eighth Fire is a term arising from the teachings of the Seven fires prophecy. The teaching suggests that if enough people—of all colors and faiths—turn from materialism and instead choose a path of respect, wisdom and spirituality, environmental and social catastrophe can be avoided, and an era of spiritual illumination will unfold.”

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